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NobleShiny understands your questions and concerns, and we will our best to address them. Our hardworking team will meet your demands and respond to your questions promptly.

Please don’t worry if only one or two of your customers complain. Some customers don’t know how to care the hair properly, and some dye or curl the hair mistakenly, and also some others are a kind of picky. You know even our own hair can tangle a bit after sleeping or swimming. The hair may flow again if you have some patience to comb it from bottom to top. Of course we are always responsible for our products and we may exchange the hair free of charge or accept a refund without hesitation if the tangling is caused by a quality problem. We would appreciate it very much if the customers may offer us videos or pictures to help judge the reason of tangling. Tangling is the most popular problem we met in hair business, and we are doing everything we can to control the tangling risk. We do destructive text of hair every week to reduce the possibilities of tangling caused by all kinds of reasons. Please trust us and let’s work together to make our clients happy.

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Shedding is really a headache. Please don’t worry if it only drops one or two single hairs each time because all the hair shed a little bit from time to time. If it sheds too much, we may exchange it for you free of charge.

We never stop improving our technology to make the knots and wefts as strong as possible, and we have not received such complaints for a long time. Most customers are very happy with our shedding control.

Here is some advice of how to prevent shedding. Firstly, we don’t recommend you use chemicals to process the hair if you are not professional. Chemicals may damage the hair and make the hair very easy to break. Secondly, the wig should be taken care carefully and correctly everyday. For example, it makes better if you comb it from bottom to top timely. When a small tangling happens, please keep patient and comb slowly to get rid of the tangling.

When washing the hair, please don’t put it into the water for a long time.

Also it is very important that please don’t wear or comb the hair when wet. We use very healthy and environmental glue to seal the knots and wefts. The glue function becomes a bit weak when wet, so please don’t comb the hair until it is dry completely.

You may dye the lighter color hair into a dark color, but you cannot change the dark color hair into a light color because you cannot get rid of melanin for dark color hair.

Common virgin remy hair can only be dyed into a color as light as #27. If you need it light to #613, you have to order the virgin remy hair from a single donor, whose price is much higher. You know common virgin hair is from different hair donors and some hair have been dyed before donation, and therefore cannot be dyed into #613 since you cannot get out of melanin inside. Actually most African American ladies doesn’t like very light color like #613, so you don’t need worry about this problem. You may order a little bit single donor hair for special customers if necessary.

When you wash a big and loose texture like body wave, it will become very loose, even near to straight. It is harder to keep the texture for human hair than synthetic fibers. However, smaller curls like water wave and Jerry curl can keep the original shape after washing, even more curls when wet. That is, the smaller the curl is, the easier to keep the shape.

It is recommended that please don’t hang up the hair after washing for big wave. You may lay it flat to let it dry naturally.

You may also make a one-off curl yourself if you have a curling iron. It is easy and interesting.

For the straight hair, some hair like Chinese remy can become a natural straight after washing, and the Indian hair will become a slight wave texture when wet. That is the Characteristic of human hair. Hope this information is useful for you.

For the curly and wave hair, we usually put some hair spray on it to make the curls tidy. Sometimes the hair may become a bit hard due to that. Some customers like it because it can keep the curls tidy and beautiful, but some customers just like very soft hair. All hair spray can be removed after one washing anyway. So please just don’t worry about it.

It depends on the requests of our customers. We recommend you to use some silicone oil because it may help a lot to keep the hair soft and flow. Our factory takes an advanced technology to add silicone. Simple to say, we try to open the hair cuticles first, and after put silicone in, the cuticles close again. That way the silicone stay inside of the hair and cannot be washed off, and therefore keep the hair not dry even after many washes.

Some people think silicone may do harm to skin and hair, but I don’t think it can hurt since it is not your own hair and especially if the silicone oil stays inside of the hair.

We didn’t dye the natural color hair, and you may dye the hair yourself to test. However, water may become a bit yellow or black after hair washing. The water color change is due to shampoo, and hair conditioner we use, and it will look much better after several washes. It has nothing to do with the hair quality. Please don’t worry.

We strongly don’t recommend you to make small curls for light color hair. Light color hair is not as strong as dark hair as it has been bleached and has little melanin. It can turn out yellow and easy to break with high temperature when curling. It is a big risk. The hair may tangle easily after wearing even if it looks not bad in the beginning.

Please note: Our hair extensions are virgin hair (No dyes or chemicals have been used to achieve the natural hair colors) so you may experience slight discoloration from bundle to bundle . This is due to one bundle of hair being sourced from one donor, and each donor will not have the same hair color. Please do not be alarmed as this is perfectly normal.

It happens in the frist few washings sometimes. If you used to dye your own hair you must have the experiene that the hair may lose some color when you wash it for the first one or two times even if it is top quality tint and you have it dyed in a top hair salon. So please don’t worry about that. Of course we should wash out all the excessive colors before the hair is shipped out. It is our job. We will pay enough attention to it in future and make sure you have a better shopping experience.

Firstly, we guarantee that the different color hair is not synthetic or animal hair. We can never accept to mix synthetic or animal hair to ruin our reputation. The fact is the hair may turn out different colors when we color it if it has been dyed on head before donation. That is , the dyed and undyed raw hair cannot take the color at the same time and pace to cause the problem. If we only pick up complete virgin hair which is never been processed even before donation, the price will go up dramaticly. We didn’t do like that since almost all the customers are happy with current quality and price. So please don’t be alarmed.

There are 6 good reasons to work with us.

1, Our prices are amazing and unmatched.

2, We posess excellent quality control system to keep the hair qulity consistent and stable

2, Our customer service is always here to help. We reply to e-mails 7 days a week 365 days per year.

4. We have large stock that is ready to ship immediately. Shipping is very fast by UPS, FEDEX and DHL.

5, It is completely safe for you to buy from us. We will gladly exchange your extensions or offer a refund if needed

6, We are at the edge of the hair extension development, bringing innovations to the market.

We are enthusiastic about what we do, and aim to provide the most beautiful hair extensions to bring you greater charm. We ensure you that you can get what you have paid for. We are completely dedicated to maintaining the standard of excellence we have set in the industry for quality, products and customer service to ensure a positive experience for you.

It depends on the quality grades of the hair you buy. Usually 100% human hair can last over 3 to 6 months, and virgin hair can last 6 to 1 year, and even over one year if you care it properly. We keep sourcing high quality hair from different places of the world like Indian, Burma,Vietnam,Cambodia,Mongolia,Malaysia,Ukraine, and our hair can still keep soft and beautiful on head even after lone time wearing.

At present our factory produce and sell 100,000 human hair extensions, 5,000pcs of lace wigs, and 15,000pcs of closures and frontals. There are more than one thousand factories in China, and we are top twenty. We have the capacity to improve the production scale quickly if necessary, so we have confidence to fulfill your needs and we sincerely hope to work with you closely.

here are so many different quality grades from 5A to 10A…and there are also so many different prices from high to very low to confuse you. All the following factors may lead to big price differences.

Firstly, different raw hair material may make big differences on prices. It may be floor hair if the price is very low. You know floor hair cannot last a long time and is easier to tangle.

Secondly, some suppliers may mix synthetic hair or animal hair into real human hair to cut down the cost.

Thirdly, hair ratio is a very important factor. The more short hair you use, the lower the price is.

Fourthly, some unhonest factories may add some special chemicals to increase the weight, and the hair weighs much lighter after washing.

I know the competition is very fierce now and all the sellers are under pressure, but I don’t recommend we cut down the prices by scraficing the quality because you may sell a good quality hair at a good price, but you cannot sell a bad quality hair at any price. As an honest and reliable manufacturer, we keep our profit very low in order to make our products competitive. We never cheat because we cherish the realitionship between

Here is Care Guidelines:

*Protect your investment by sealing your wefts

* Always co-wash your hair before installing

* Avoid using oil or heavy products

* Never sleep with wet or damp hair

* Always wear a silk or satin scarf when sleeping

* Always have your hair installed by a Licensed Cosmetologist

Our product Features and Highlights:

* Double Machine Weft Hair Extension

* Bulk Single Drawn Hair

* Remy Hair with Cuticles Intact

* Natural Virgin and Tangle Free Human Hair

* Minimal Shedding

* All hair comes in dark brown to black color

* Hair can be professionally dyed

* With proper care hair will last up to 12 months

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