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Micro Loop Hair Extensions
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Micro Loop Hair Extensions
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Micro Loop Hair Extensions Wholesale

Look no further than Shinyeen to meet your micro loop hair extensions wholesale needs. Our large in-house remy hair factory in China has dedicated workshops outfitted with cutting-edge equipment to fulfill your bulk orders faster and better than our peers.

Brand owners, salons, wholesalers, and distributors benefit a lot from our expert turnkey services and diverse customization processes. Talk to our team today and see how our market-influencing products can boost your brand.

Our Bulk Benefits

Wholesale Micro Loop Hair Extensions
& Seize Your Chance

Wholesale Discount

Get custom wholesale human hair extensions at competitive prices. Bulk discounts are also available for your promotion.

Reliable Quality

Our dedication to quality shows in the durability and careful construction of our micro loop hair extensions.

Full Customization & Innovation

Considered a pioneer in the custom hair extensions industry, our range of customization options is second to none.

Low Volume & Quick Stock

We offer a low order minimum to help small businesses, while our in-stock hair extensions are ready for shipment anytime.

Rapid Production & Delivery

As the leading remy hair suppliers, our streamlined production process leads to shorter turnaround times and faster delivery.

Professional Aftersales Support

Support does not end at order fulfillment, as our team addresses your concerns and provides expert after-sales assistance.

A Full Range of Customizable
Micro Loop Hair Extensions


01 Ring Type

Make your private label hair extensions stand out from your peers by opting for either loop or ring type as the attachment option.

02 Hair Color

Our wide range of color options stays true and vibrant even after long-term use, from bright, light-colored shades to deep, dark-colored hues.

03 Hair Length

As your micro bead hair extensions supplier, we carry a complete selection of hair lengths ranging from 10 inches to 30 inches.

Hair Extensions Length
04 More Features
Features100% remy human hairs
MaterialImported Russian Or European hairs
-Slow blench process, best hair protection
-Cold dyeing process, eco-friendly and healthy hair ensurance
-No shedding, tangle, breakage, smell
UseEasy to wear, reusable
MOQ1-10000 pcs
Lead Time7-15 work days
Warranty1 year

Product Advantages

Only High-Quality Remy Micro Loop Hair Extensions

100% Cuticle Aligned Hairs

All human hairs used on our micro loop hair extensions have fully aligned and intact cuticles, keeping the best hair luster and toughness.

Full Remy Human Hairs

Our remy hairs are sourced from prime hair locations like Brazil and India, and carefully hand-collected from only healthy people.

No Shedding, No Tangle

Careful drawing process and quality control protocols in our factory ensure that our hairs don’t shed or tangle even after heavy uses.

Finely Assorted & Tidy Hairs

Each micro-loop hair extension is perfectly aligned and tidy through our focused attention to assorting and brushing the hair bundles.

Full Volume & Ends

From hair sourcing to factory crafting, we ensure your ordered hairs will have totally full volume, smooth texture, and no split ends.

No Glue or Braid

Our micro loop hair extensions don't involve any glue or braiding for assembly, making these collections more easy and comfortable to use.

A Safe Way of Use

The specialized assembly of our micro-loop hair extensions ensures end-users experience less allergy, irritation, or extra discomfort.

Reusable & Lasting

Our superior materials and expert craftsmanship ensure that your end consumers could use these hairs multiple times for up to one year.

Your Ultimate Custom Hair Extensions Manufacturer

How to Cooperate with Shinyeen


Consult & Estimate

Choose & Customize

Sample Making & Approval

Production & Quality Control

Packaging & Delivery

Get Goods & Sell Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

To wear the micro ring loop hair extensions, pass a section of the natural hair through the extension’s loop and pull the bead to lock the extension into place. Specialized pliers could be used to adjust the extensions.

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Yes, users can style their micro hair extensions to suit their specific tastes. Make sure that before exposing the extensions to heat, apply a layer of heat protectant to reduce any damages.

The superior construction and quality materials used on our micro-loop extensions can last between 6 months to one year.

The main difference between these private label hair extensions is the locking mechanism used to secure the extension to the natural hair. The ring types can be customized to match what your customers prefer.

Custom micro loop hair extensions usually take 15 to 25 days to complete from concept to delivery. If you need high-quality extensions right away, we have in-stock products that we can ship out within 24 hours of order placement.

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