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Professional Custom Hair Pieces Wholesale

Shinyeen is an impactful factory brand, and also your reliable remy hair piece manufacturer and wholesale vendor that creates different quality hairpieces for various markets.


Our line of remy hair extensions and pieces are made from 100% authentic human hairs. We also offer a selection of complete customization options to meet your OEM, ODM, private label, or more custom needs at an affordable price.


All Real Remy Human Hair Pieces

Lace Weft Clip-in Hair Pieces

Our premium lace weft clip-in hair pieces are made from 100% remy hairs that look very natural like own hair and provide soft texture like silk. Besides, the lace material is top-notch to ensure high comfort and skin-friendly wearing even in a long time.

Halo Hair Pieces

The exceptional halo hair extension pieces of our premium collections are held in place by a concealed nylon wire and worn like a halo. The PU part is high-quality, even and invisable. So these products could provide the seamless wearing experience.

All Real Remy Human Hair Extensions

Our tape-in hair extensions are easy to install and comfortable to wear—the popular hair extensions for their seamless look even on thin hairs.

Ponytail Hair Pieces

Our ponytail hairpieces have long strands of hair that wrap around the base with bobby pins to ensure a seamless blend. And they are very popular around people to create a volumed ponytail for occasional hairstyle change and special styling.

Best Wholesale Hairs

One-of-the-best Remy Hair Pieces You Could Find

Hand Collected Hair

Imported Russian Or European Hairs

Shinyeen imports 100% remy hairs from Russia and Europe, both considered as the best sources for high-quality and natural hairs.

Hair Piece Wearing Effects

Highly Comfortable & Pleasing Wearing

All remy hairpieces are easy and comfortable to use with the best effects to boot. The super soft touch makes them feel like own hairs.

100% Real Human Hair Pieces

Hairs used on our hairpieces are purely virgin human hairs sourced from healthy young girls and cut from their ponytails clean and safe.

Cuticle Remy Hairs

100% Cuticle Intact Remy Hairs

We only use remy hairs that are entirely pure, intact, and chemically unprocessed. Cuticles are 100% intact, enhancing their quality.

Super Natural

Very Soft

No Shedding

No Tangle

No Smell

Healthy & Green

Complete Colors

Custom Curl & Length

One-Stop Custom Hair Pieces Services

Full Customization Oriented to Your Needs

Our top-quality hair pieces are created with customers' needs and demands in mind. We offer full customization for all hair products according to clients’ preferences.
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Trusted OEM/ODM Remy Hair Production

We are a reputable self-owned remy hair manufacturer specializing in OEM, ODM, and private label services for clients globally for over 20 years which are highly dependable.
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Efficient Cooperation & Delivery

Our team consists of reliable and professional members who are able to provide you with the best products and services on time with cost-saving initiatives meeting your budget.
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