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Lace Weft Hair Extensions

Lace weft hair extensions are the most recent innovation in clip-in hair extensions. Shinyeen provides high-quality laced-back wefts in this set of remy hair extensions, allowing wears to add length and volume to their hair without using extra wefts.

The cutting-edge weft method used in lace enables more human hair to be spread out over a broader weft due to the wide weft created by the technique.

Customize Lace Weft Hair Extensions
Tailored to Your Brand


01 Key Features
Features100% remy human hairs
MaterialImported Russian Or European hairs
-Slow blench process, best hair protection
-Cold dyeing process, eco-friendly and healthy hair ensurance
-No shedding, tangle, breakage, smell
UseEasy to wear, reusable
MOQ1-10000 pcs
Lead Time7-15 work days
Warranty1 year
02 Versatile Color Selections

Shinyeen provides human hair weft extensions in wholesale quantities and is available in a variety of colors to fit the needs of each customer. Numerous color highlight options are available. Our specifically treated hues just appear natural and do not fade quickly in the sun.

03 Full Length Choices

Weft hair extensions are available in lengths ranging from 10 to 30 inches from NobleShiny. We give our customers a comprehensive range of length options and competent assistance to ensure a satisfactory outcome and provide a professional guide, especially for newcomers.

Hair Extensions Length

Product Advantages

All Benefits for Your Lace Weft Hair Extensions Wholesale

Practicle Recommendation

Speak with our hair experts to address your specific needs and provide quality products and marketing recommendations.

Specialized OEM & ODM

Shinyeen offers over 20 years of experience providing reliable OEM, ODM, and private label manufacturing experience.

Strict Quality Control

Our team of quality control experts closely monitors each step of the production, resulting in expert-quality lace weft hairs.

Fast Business Turnround

To assure the prompt delivery, we have a large number of hairs in-store and high manufacturing capacity and efficiency.

Care-free Aftersales Service

We are committed to addressing all concerns and resolving any problems on an ongoing basis following the transaction.

Continuous Product Support

We value your needs. Our experts are constantly available and prepared to assist clients with their companies and inquiries.

Hand-tied Vs Machine Made Hair Extensions

Hand-tied Weft

Hand-woven by an actual human, each weft receives personalized attention as it is woven together to create the thinnest possible weft.

Machine Weft

Machine-tied wefts are created by attaching hairs to a weft with an industrial sewing machine, which are then sewn together. Machine-tied wefts are heavier and denser in texture.

Lace Weft

Lace weft hair extensions are the most current invention in the hair extension industry. The cutting-edge weft method used in lace allows more human hairs to be spread out.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can treat them as if they were your hair in certain circumstances and with great care. If it is made of human hair, it can be treated the same way as any other type of human hair.

Much like your own hair, wigs can be dyed. However, it is preferable not to change dark hairs to lighter ones. It is possible to dye your human hair extensions more than once or three times if you desire.

Using a clip, secure the stray hairs before attaching the extensions. Start with the center clip and work your way outwards with the first weft of your hair. Attach the remaining clips on both sides of the weft.

It’s recommended to leave weft hair extensions in for a year before removing them. Depending on how fast your hair grows, extensions may need to be moved every six to eight weeks. Under good maintenance, it can last anywhere from three months to a year.

You should treat your wig with care at all times. Pre-washing is the best time to eliminate knots and build-up from the spray. Wigs should be cleaned regularly. At least once every four to six weeks, you should wash your hairpiece.

The fiber is what distinguishes synthetic wigs from real hair wigs. Synthetic wigs tend to keep their style better, even after being washed. Wigs created from human hair look exactly like natural hair and need styling after a wash, just like natural hair.

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