Honest and Careful Hair Production

As a family-inherited wholesale human hair factory, Shinyeen focuses on the quality production of our remy hair wigs and extensions.

Manufacturing Hair Extensions & Wigs with 100% Care

Being the best remy human hair factory in China, the serious attention to detail and maintaining an established manufacturing process are at the core of our production philosophy. Continuous improvement on each production step brings our approach one step closer to perfection, ensuring you get the best hair extensions and wigs in the market.

Highly Specilized & Meticulous Production Process


Slow Bleaching

While most Remy human hair manufacturers might pay little attention to hair bleaching, we take extra care to slowly bleach our remy hair to keep it strong and smooth.


Skilled workers diligently monitor the hairs’ color during the bleaching process, ensuring that the final shade is not too light or dark for dyeing.

Cold Dyeing

We practice a cold dyeing process to achieve the right color for your custom hair extensions and wigs. The hairs remain slightly cold with cold dyeing while the coloring agent is applied to the strands.


Once the dye sets, the hairs are rinsed multiple times in cold water to close the cuticles and retain the desired color.

Hair Drawing

Expert hair technicians draw out the hairs before sewing them on the cap to get an even and aligned construction, resulting in world-class wigs and hair extensions.


They sort the hair bundles by length and color, then pass through a sophisticated hair drawing machined that draws the hairs at the top, preparing them for assembly.

Hair Curling

Bundles of hair are curled to different degrees, with each curling level adding depth and allure to the completed human hair wigs.


Depending on the client’s specific demands, we use professional hair curlers and work on each hair bundle. Inspectors then review the completed work for consistency and durability of the strands.

Post Processing

After processing the remy hair for the human hair wigs and extensions, our diligent craftsmen then attach the bundles to the cap or tape using precision sewing equipment.


The careful process guarantees that the final product retains its shape for long periods and causes minimal discomfort to the wearer, if ever.

Hair Post Processing
Remy Hair Manufacturing

Hair Styling

The human hair wigs and extensions then move to the styling phase, where seasoned hairstylists work on the hairpieces to capture your distinct ideas.


They use cutting-edge tools and adapt the latest trends in hairstyling to configure the hairpieces and make them stand out from the crowded custom hairpiece market.

Branded Packaging

Once the hairpieces are appropriately styled to perfection, we place them on secure packaging to protect the wigs and extensions from damage during transit.


You can customize the packaging to reflect your brand logo, turning them into compelling marketing pieces for your audiences.

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