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Your Go-to Wholesale Hair Extensions Supplier

Shinyeen is your one-stop hair extension shop that offers an extensive line of the best-quality remy hair extensions in the market. As a human hair extensions manufacturer, we deliver premium hairpieces and produce hair extensions that are customizable according to your preferences.


More than quality production, we also make sure that our remy hair extensions wholesale are at the best prices to help you make better profits.


All Real Remy Human Hair Extensions

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Our tape-in hair extensions are easy to install and comfortable to wear with their medical-level safe adhesives. Besides, their provide the seamless look even on thin hairs.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions we provide are popular for both beginners and experts. They're simple to put on with no extra aids, and excellent in both volume and length enhancing.

Pre-bonded Hair Extensions

Our keratin pre-bonded fushion hair extensions are known for their low maintenance and suitability for semi-permanent applications by being bonded into individial hair strands.

All Real Remy Human Hair Extensions

Our tape-in hair extensions are easy to install and comfortable to wear—the popular hair extensions for their seamless look even on thin hairs.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Also caleld micro ring hair extensions, our micro loop extensions are great to volumize and lengthen hair. They’re reusable and safe to use requiring no heat, glue, adhesive.

Weft Hair Extensions

The remy weft hair extensions we produce are consistent in high quality and available in various styles. Our hair weaves could allow various hair styling and protect hair from heat.

Bulk Hair Extensions

We at NobleShiny deliver top-notch bulk hair extensions that are available in vibrant colors. Order now and make us your go-to bulk human hair extensions supplier.

Bulk Hair Extensions

Bulk hairs in our factory are available in versatile colors, length, waviness, and volume. They provide high flexibility in DIY braiding, weaving, and more for experienced clients.

Best Wholesale Hairs

Every Remy Hair Detail You Desire

Russian European Hair Material

Superior Russian or European Hairs

We only use the finest remy hair materials sourced from prime hair locations, which are Russia and Europe.

Hand Collected Hair

Hand Collected Human Hair Extensions

We provide real remy human hair extensions hand collected from young girls, both durable and natural in the color and texture.

Extremely Lasting Hair Effects

NobleShiny provides exceptional hair extensions that are also durable. Color does not quickly fade, lasting up to 1 year with care.

Cuticle Remy Hairs

100% Pure Cuticle Remy Hairs

At NobleShiny, we only offer pure cuticle remy hairs with all cuticles are aligned, giving all of our hair products a vibrant look.

Super Natural

Very Soft

No Shedding

No Tangle

No Smell

Healthy & Green

Complete Colors

Custom Curl & Length

All-sided Custom Hair Extensions Services

Custom Hairs Tailored to Your Brand

As one of the best remy hair suppliers, we are dedicated to providing fully customizable and brand-friendly products according to your liking and budget.
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OEM/ODM Production of Quality Hairs

For 20+ years as one of the leading wholesale remy hair vendors, NobleShiny has provided professional services sharing their experience through their products.
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Short Lead Time & Fast Delivery

An extensive stock of ready-made hairs ensures the fast delivery to our clients for hair extensions. Visit us and order your shop or salon high-quality hair extensions.
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